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Welcome to Memorial

A Word From Pastor Karen

I have a lot to say this week!  Below are three topics:
  1. Ice Bucket Worship (and ALS) Challenge
  2. Further information on the work of the Westchester Coalition for Police Reform (WCPR), as a follow-up to last week's sermon
  3. Notes from this week's Mustard Seed Meeting 
Okay, let's get started!

First:  a challenge for you.  Last Saturday I received an Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS (also known as "Lou Gehrig's Disease") from Neal Bowes, the youth minister at Jesse Lee Memorial UMC in Ridgefield.  If you haven't seen this on Facebook, here's how it works:  Once you are challenged, you have 24 hours either to make a donation to ALS research and support, or make a video of a bucket of ice water being dumped over your head.  (Thanks, Neal!)  Neal challenged a couple of pastors, and gave us an extension because of Sunday.  I have already donated to support a friend of my daughter who is running the Chicago and New York Marathons to raise money for ALS.  HOWEVER:  IF THE CHAPEL IS FULL (of people) THIS SUNDAY, AUGUST 24, I'LL STILL DUMP THE ICE WATER OVER MY HEAD.  I'm giving you an extension--I said I would do it last week (with Joe Agne doing the honors), but the chapel wasn't full.  So turn out this week for wonderful worship, followed by the dunking of your pastor.  Call your friends, get everyone to church!

Second:  my sermon last Sunday focused on the situation in Ferguson, Missouri, and our collective sin:  systemic racism in America.  Yet another unarmed, male, black teenager has been murdered: Michael Brown, shot and killed by a police officer on Saturday afternoon, August 9, while walking home from a convenience store. Protests, grief, and anger have been met with armed force by local, state, and federal authorities.

We have heard this story too many times, and have done too little to stop its repetition.  We are complicit in a system of racist oppression that is obscured by its own vastness and the soul-deadening effects of this repetition.  When the incidents come at us one at a time, we may not see the shockingly effective system that keeps power in the hands of white people at the expense of black people, especially young black males. And then we are surprised and horrified at each new incident, each new abuse of power.

The terrifying brokenness of our world:  this is sin.  The fear that runs rampant, the suspicion of the “other,” the hope that someone else will take care of this--that it is not our problem: this is sin.  And we, followers of God, made known to us in Jesus, are called to respond to this brokenness, terrifying as it is.

What do we do?

First, we begin where we are.  We don’t wait until the conditions meet our approval.  We start now, as things are. We bear witness.
Then we get informed. These situations are complicated, and we seek to understand what's going on, so that we can...

Do something!  Speak up, speak out, work together for change.  I spoke of the work of the Westchester Coalition for Police Reform (WCPR), of which Memorial is a founding co-sponsor. WCPR meets at Memorial the second Thursday of every month at 6:30.

Here is a link to an article by Julie Carran that appeared in the Westchester County Press, which gives basic information about how WCPR got started. (It’s two years old, when we were still called Network for Police Accountability.)

Click Here for Link

And here is an invitation to the September meeting:

click here for link

I spent the day on Saturday with Joe Agne, and we talked about all sorts of things. One thing he mentioned really stuck with me. He was reflecting on his long history of social justice work, going back 50 years or more. He has noticed that his friends who don't have a faith connection have all given up. It's only the ones who are grounded in community and faith who can continue the work for the long term, because it’s too hard to do on our own power.  There's a lot of work to be done, but let's remember to fill our spirits.  

And finally, an update on our second Mustard Seed Meeting, on Monday, 8/18.  Nine people gathered at the parsonage to discuss our ministries to children and youth.  The final Mustard Seed Meeting, focused on our outward ministries, will be this coming Monday, August 25, at the parsonage at 7 p.m.  All are welcome!  

We began by talking about the difference between growing the church and being the church.  You may be shocked to hear your pastor say this, but growing the church is not our job.  If we become concerned about church growth above all else, then our investment is in the institution--something that Jesus didn't care one bit about.

What Jesus cares about is the love of God and neighbor, lived out in community.  That is what it means to be the church:
  • praising God as individuals and in community (worship), 
  • developing as committed and well-prepared disciples,
  • caring for one another, 
  • caring for strangers, 
  • standing up for justice, 
  • sharing God's love.  
I am confident that if we do a good job of being the church, the Holy Spirit will take care of whatever church growth is appropriate.  

We shared the things we celebrate about our ministries to children and youth.  (Thanks to Kim Honig for taking such amazing notes!)  Here are the themes we saw:
  • Enthusiasm of children heading to Sunday School
  • Active youth participation in worship & Sunday School
  • Mix between generations
  • Diversity & community
  • Continuity of liturgy in worship & Sunday School program
We agreed on these overall goals for our ministry with children and youth:
  • Build a faith community of all generations together at MUMC.
  • Provide opportunities to learn, grow in faith, engage in service, and worship together.
  • Include children and youth as an integral part of the community, taking their needs and their gifts into consideration.
We came up with some very creative ideas, including potential modifications to our Sunday schedule and approach, and engaging activities and service projects for youth.  These will be shared with the Administrative Council, Education Committee, and Worship Committee for further evaluation.

Pastor Karen

Worship at Memorial

August 24
10:00 a.m.  Worship in the Chapel, fourth Sunday of our children's Heifer Project, and ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE!  If you fill the chapel today, Pastor Karen will dump a bucket of ice water over her head after church.  (See above for explanation.)  The scripture reading for the day is Exodus 1:8-2:10, the story of the birth of Moses.  We'll all get involved in telling the story!  Other scriptures for the day are Psalm 124, Romans 12:1-8, and Matthew 16:13-20.
August 31
10:00 a.m.  Worship in the Chapel, final Sunday of our children's Heifer Project.  This is your last chance to participate in our children's Heifer Project fund-raising, so bring your spare change AND your checkbooks!  The hymn sing originally scheduled for August 17 will take place in its full glory today.

Sunday at Memorial

Sunday School -All children ages 3 – 5th Grade are welcome to join the Sunday School every week following the Children’s time.
Fellowship Coffee Hour 11:00am -
 Join us for a beverage, snack and fellowship.  
ENGAGEWe will not be having ENGAGE in the summer

Sunday School Notes and News

On the first Sunday of their Heifer Project our kids decided that they would like to donate a pig, if we could raise enough money this month, and then maybe a share of a cow, and some chickens, if we had any money left.  I'm excited to tell you that we have already raised enough money for a pig AND a cow!  

I am so proud of our congregation's generosity and commitment to helping others.  If you'd like to contribute, and you won't be in church this month, you can send a check made out to the church, with "Heifer Project" in the memo line.  

MUMC Sunday School Heifer Animal Crackers Program in August

We have a special treat for MUMC Sunday School children! During August, teachers and children will use the Heifer Animal Crackers program during Sunday School time. There will be lots of fun-filled lessons and activities as we learn about animals together and explore ways to share God’s many gifts in the global community. Children will make a wish list of Heifer animals to purchase. And each Sunday, everyone can help make this happen by bringing coins (and bills) to fill our Animal Crackers bucket. We are really excited to offer the Heifer Animal Crackers program for all children ages 3 through Grade 5 and encourage any interested Youth to join in. All are welcome! 




Memorial Outreach

Life Coaching Services We offer coaching services for persons from all walks of life. We support personal and interpersonal coping and growth for people seeking assistance in daily life challenges.  You do not have to be a member of the Memorial United Methodist Church in order to seek the services of ‘Memorial Outreach’, everyone is welcome. 
Call  (phone:914-949-2146 ) or e-mail:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it in order to find out whether Memorial Outreach can provide you with what you are looking for and to make an appointment. All information and sessions are confidential. Coaching services are provided free of charge. Donations are welcome. The office is located at 250 Bryant Ave, White Plains, NY here for flyer


  Tuesdays @ Dorry’s gathers “conversation partners” weekly for informal table talk. There is no charge. Just come and order your food from Sylvia and enjoy the discussion and the company. Please join us. No reservations are needed. Tuesdays @ Dorry’s is coordinated by Dorry’s friends at Memorial United Methodist Church, Congregation Kol Ami, Sisters of the Divine Compassion and The White Plains Examiner.
August 19 & 26, 2014 - No programming as we finish out the summer, but join us for company and hanging out at Dorry’s! We plan to be there.
September 2 - Sam Sussman on The Gaza War -Sam Sussman is the co-director of Extend, an organization that introduces American Jews and Palestinians. Last September, Sam spoke to us about Extend's peacebuilding work. After leading several delegations of American Jews to the Palestinian Territories this summer, Sam will speak to us about what the conflict looked like from the ground, why the current Gaza War was avoidable, and how US policy can better address the mutual aspirations for peace amongst Israelis and Palestinians. Sam has written about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as well as on-the-ground reporting on human rights issues in China, Myanmar, Cambodia, Athens, Jordan and Zuccotti Park, as a freelance journalist. A native of Orange County, NY, he graduated with degrees in political science, philosophy and literature from Swarthmore College in 2013, and will start graduate work at Oxford University this fall.
September 9- Omar Lammie, Program Manager The LOFT: LGBT Community Center -We’ve invited Omar again because his story was so compelling about leaving Jamaica and seeking asylum in the U.S. He’ll speak with us about other, related matters. Details to follow.
September 16 - Beth Smayda - White Plains Common Council Member
September 23 - Heather Miller - Executive Director, Thomas H. Slater Center  - We’ve had to cancel Heather twice because of weather. It won’t snow in September, will it?

A Word From the Laity

(Editor’s note: this is a place for members and friends of Memorial to make written contributions to the eblast. Space is limited and cannot be used to promote a business. Please send your submissions to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .)
Not hard to be grateful
for each gleaming morning star
the sunbeams' brilliant message
of His love for who we are.

Memorial Thrift Shop

is always seeking Volunteers
Shop Location: Memorial United Methodist Church (MUMC) 250 Bryant Avenue, White Plains, NY 10605
Hours of Operation: Monday - Thursday 10–2, Fri -Sat 10–4. For More Information Contact MUMC at 914-949-2146 or The LOFT at 914-948-2932. Benefiting Memorial United Methodist Church and The LOFT: LGBT Community Services Center. 

Fellowship Coffee Hour

Volunteers needed for Coffee hour. Please contact  Angela Stone or call her at 914 949-2146. Instructions for Coffee Hour click here.

Volunteer Opportunities

Memorial UMC Emergency Assistance Program/Good Samaritan Fund Needs Your Help!
Every day 200,000 of our neighbors in Westchester County are food insecure. Members of the Memorial family and the greater White Plains community look to faith communities for critical assistance during times of crisis and struggle. Help us reach out in solidarity to our neighbors in need.
Wish List


Please  Note: 
No Wednesday Evening Bible Study - will resume in September

New News!

September 7:  The choir will have its warm-up and rehearsal for the season after coffee hour, at 11:30 in the Chapel.  Everyone is welcome to sing in our choir!  We rehearse only on Sundays, at 9:15.


September 14:  Homecoming Sunday!
 We'll celebrate the start of our program year with worship in the Sanctuary, followed by a POTLUCK (YUM!) LUNCH!  After making conversation with everyone for a polite interval, the youth will be gathering with Brandon and Ivy to discuss their plans for the fall.




Improved Coffee/Fellowship Hour
Our time together after worship service just got better!
Beginning July, MUMC will provide the food and beverages for coffee/fellowship time. We hope that this will allow everyone to be involved and ask volunteers to signup for setup and cleanup. Please know that we will continue our Community Sharing table at the beginning of each month. Of course, anyone who would like to contribute additional food to any of the Sunday coffee hours is welcome to do so.  Please see Louise  (or call 845-239-5842) for more information on how you can participate. Thank You!

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